New LiftL chapter?

Update: I’ve finished organizing the pictures for the new chapter… There are well over 40 pictures and with the amount of writing I usually do per chapter I’m afraid people might die halfway through reading this because this is how long it will be. Sorry for not being around much, I still read everyone’s stories and … More New LiftL chapter?

A ghost from the past!

*Tries to pass through unnoticed with a stack of junk food balancing precariously in arms- Pack of crisps (English for chips) falls-Audience turns their attention to noise* Oh…hey there…didn’t see you… was just coming to talk to you Ok ok I’ve been away for a long time I know, but it’s not my fault! At … More A ghost from the past!

Life is for the Living – Ch 1.9 – Why did the neighbour cross the road?

His toes were freezing on the cold porch while he was waiting for the figure on the stairs to make up her mind. He’d shouted after the stranger and she’d frozen at the sound of his voice. “Hey, sorry for shouting but-“his eyes noticed the box on the porch but as he saw the girl … More Life is for the Living – Ch 1.9 – Why did the neighbour cross the road?

Life is for the Living – Ch 1.8 – Ding!

A/N: I cannot apologize enough for my prolonged absence. Unfortunately I needed to get my life in order before being able to continue this story but I do hope this new, surprise chapter will pardon my insolence *wink*. Enjoy! ______________________________ The birds were chirping happily outside but his freezing nose told him that it was … More Life is for the Living – Ch 1.8 – Ding!

Story Update!

Hello everyone! Thought it would be polite to post an update on my story and on just for how long I’ll be gone still since I sort of disappeared out of the blue for a while. Basically everyone and anyone that reads my story comes from the Sims forums and so you should all know by … More Story Update!